Sunday, August 7, 2022
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‘People should not be penalised for working’ – Universal Credit criticised for ‘failing people with disabilities’

With 52.7% of disabled people in employment compared to 81% of non-disabled people. Organisation research says that “many disabled people are worse off working than not working.”

‘I spend a lot of my time alone in front of Netflix in my room’ – NTU students have...

A study from the Higher Education Policy Institute and Advance HE has revealed that 23% of university students said they felt lonely “most” or “all of the time” last year. With some...

The universe is expanding, but have we been measuring it wrongly?

Something weird is happening to the universe. It's expanding at two different speeds at the same time. And it could lead to a whole new branch of science. “The Hubble Space Telescope measures...

‘Music covers many things but the socio-emotional aspect is the most important’

Rainbow Stripes provide music workshops for children under 5 at £1, doing their best to make music as accessible as possible for children at a local level. But what about the funding cuts to arts education further up on the age range?

Around Nottingham

Ecstatic Nottingham Forest fans paint Old Market Square red as they celebrate promotion to top flight

Fans celebrated with their heroes after Nottingham Forest won promotion to the Premier League

Post-pandemic teaching dilemma: What do students prefer?

Fewer students are attending in-person lectures and seminars now in a post pandemic era, found a global survey conducted by The Times Higher Education.


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