Singer-songwriter Georgie recently signed to Columbia Records and is supporting Jake Bugg on his London tour dates.

The 21-year-old is enjoying the life of a newly-signed musician – she is about to go on her own tour across the UK, she has been acknowledged by BBC Introducing and collaborated with luxury clothing brand Burberry. But she hasn’t let success get to her head, remaining proud of her roots.

Q: How did you get your music recognised?

A: My breakthrough was at a gig in Nottingham’s Bodega, where labels came and watched me perform. After that, it all went crazy! A lot of labels were interested and asked me to meet with them. I then started going on trips to London to secure my record deal with Sony. Before that, I’d played over 200 gigs and had bits of recognition.

Q: What’s happened since signing to Sony’s Columbia Records – how has your life changed?

A: Signing the record deal I always dreamed of with Sony is my greatest achievement so far. Being a signed artist means I can concentrate on making music my profession, including my tour and my gigs with Jake Bugg over the next few weeks! I love being able to write, tour, record and have photoshoots.

Q: How are you feeling ahead of your gigs in London with Jake?

A: It feels amazing that he’s let me be part of his tour. Especially as we’re two Nottingham artists playing together. I’m a big fan of his and have his records on vinyl. I’m really excited. We’ve met a few times recently as we’re with the same management. But we didn’t know each other at home before we were famous – he had already been signed by the time I arrived on the local music scene.

Q: Do you still enjoy playing smaller gigs in Nottingham?

A: I will always enjoy performing in my home town. Nottingham is the most important place for me to be. The vibe of the place is always more important than the size of a setting to me.

Q: Are you a fan of any other Nottingham musicians?

A: I’m a fan of a load of Nottingham musicians – the music scene is so strong there. I like Amber Run, Saint Raymond, April Towers and many more. I could list heaps of amazing musicians from Nottingham. We all support each other.

Q: How do you prepare for your gigs?

A: I don’t prepare much, I just enjoy it! I chuck on some clothes and grab my guitar, that’s it. I just turn up and do my thing. I don’t have a vocal coach at the moment, but I’ll think about that in the future. However, I am practicing electric guitar now, as I use it more.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A: I live with music all the time! It’s a huge part of my life, whether I’m listening to it or writing it. When I’m free, I write songs, practice and chill out. I like watching old school films to relax, my favourites are classic gangster films like The Godfather and cowboy films. I also like going to the cinema, I do that a lot to check out new films.

Q: Who have been your biggest supporters?

A: My mum is definitely my biggest support and fan. So many people in Nottingham helped too, such as Nusic’s Dean Jackson and the Nottingham Post’s Steve Oliver. I’d also like to thank my friend, James McNab for turning out to my first ever gigs in venues like Jam Café.

Q: What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

A: Old school music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is the best. Blues music. Fleetwood Mac and Alabama Shakes.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your songs?

A: My songs are all written about things I’ve experienced myself and some are written about people who are close to me, and their experiences too. I can’t sing about something I don’t feel anything for – it has to be real and authentic, that’s so important.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: I will be working on an album after my tour, hopefully in time for next year. For now, you can see my acoustic version of This Ain’t Heaven on Burberry Acoustic.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

A: That’s tricky, I always live in the present. Hopefully, with a few albums and a good fan base behind me and playing bigger venues. Playing at Glastonbury and Wembley is definitely the dream. I’d also love to sell-out Rock City – everyone from Nottingham would love to do that, although right now it seems quite far-fetched.

Words: Chloë McNab