The Nottinghamshire police and crime commissioner election takes place on May 5.

We sat down with all the candidates to find out about the men behind the mission to become the county’s commissioner, outside of the pledges, policies and politics.

Paddy Tipping is the incumbent commissioner and Labour’s candidate campaigning to maintain neighbourhood policing, crack down on cyber-crime and the risk of terrorism in Nottingham.

What are your links to Nottingham?
I went to the University of Nottingham in 1969 and did a degree in philosophy. I’ve stuck in Nottingham since then. I was on the county council for 12 years and I was the MP for Sherwood.

What are your hobbies?
I walk a lot but the only walking I’m doing at the moment is delivering leaflets.
I always thought I didn’t give enough time to my children and I’ve been determined to have more good time with my grandchildren. So they come here to my office sometimes and they think I own Arnot Hill Park. They see kids on the swings and say “Grandad those are our swings, go and chase those kids off.”

What’s your favourite genre of music?
If I was cast away on Desert Island Discs I wouldn’t begin to know what eight discs to select. I used to listen to Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Incredible String Band – that dates me, doesn’t it?

Who inspires you?
I had the great privilege to know and work a bit with Nelson Mandela in the Anti-Apartheid Movement. He was an absolutely inspirational character.

What’s your favourite restaurant?
I go to Chungs on Mapperley Top fairly frequently. I go with the kids to Mr Mans next to Wollaton Park and I like a curry too, I was at the Memsaab on Maid Marian Way the other day.

Forest or Notts County?
Forest. I used to follow them but when they won the European Cup twice in succession I knew it was never going to get better than that.

Cats or dogs?
I’ve got a cat called Bindy that I’ve had for many years. She’s one of the few people who come and sit on my lap.

If you could fly anywhere from East Midlands Airport where would you go?
I’ve been going to a village called Moraira, Alicante, for 20 years. It was a small fishing village when I first went but it’s been built up. I like to go in the winter, it’s not red hot but there’s a joy in being able to walk out in just in your shirt in January.

If you could be any superhero who would you be?
I was the police and crime commissioner and Gotham’s in the county so it’s got to be Batman.

Other candidates standing in the election are independent Tony Bates, Tony Harper of the Conservatives, Fran Loi of UKIP and independent Jason Zadrozny.