The Nottinghamshire police and crime commissioner election takes place on May 5.

We sat down with all the candidates to find out about the men behind the mission to become the county’s commissioner, outside of the pledges, policies and politics.

Fran Loi is the UKIP candidate. He’s campaigning to tackle the force’s financial difficulties, repair the trust with communities and prioritise the inquiry into child sex abuse alleged at Nottinghamshire care homes.

What are your links to Nottingham?
My family came here in the 70s. My mum’s English and my Father’s Sardinian. I was born in Sneinton and I’ve worked in the city centre for many years, mainly in bars and nightclubs.

What are your hobbies?
I have two young kids. A two-year-old, Logan, and a ten-year-old, Maximus.
I do a lot of mixed martial arts. I used to be an assistant instructor teaching little kids until an injury to my foot.

What’s your favourite genre of music?
Dance anthems and classics but I like all sorts. When I was working in a club last year I used to put a lot of gigs on for the African and Caribbean Society and we used to put on a lot of R’n’B and soul – it was fantastic.

Who inspires you?
For current world leaders I think there’s only one genuine statesman out there, and it’s controversial, but that’s Vladimir Putin. I disagree with a lot of things he does but it’s how he conducts himself. I also have to say Nigel Farage, he’s single-handedly generated more awareness about why we need to leave the European Union.

What’s your favourite restaurant?
If I fancied some proper pub grub, it has to be the Admiral Rodney in Calverton. The steak there is to die for. Being Italian I also like Savai in the City Centre but the problem is it doesn’t live up to my dad’s cooking.

Forest or Notts County?
Nottingham Forest.

Cats or dogs?
Cats because they look after themselves, they’re independent. I’ve got an adopted cat, I actually call it Kat. Iit lived in the bush in my garden for six months and I used to put a bit of milk out and then some food and the next thing you know it’s moved in.

If you could fly anywhere from East Midlands Airport where would you go?
Barbados because I’ve never done the Caribbean. I like the culture and the cuisine, it’s picturesque and it has good weather.

If you could be any superhero who would you be?
Iron Man. I’m the candidate most like Tony Stark. I like to fly in and make my presence well known. He stands up for what’s right. He’s got armour but he’s vulnerable at the same time, he’s human.

Other candidates standing in the election are independent Tony Bates, Tony Harper of the Conservatives, Paddy Tipping of the Labour Party and independent Jason Zadrozny.