Alice Levine, BBC Radio 1 presenter and style icon, was the star of the show at Nottingham Fashion Week.

The Beeston-born celebrity said she was a big fan of her home town’s fashion history.

“I love Nottingham fashion, the high street is amazing and there’s so much choice,” she said. “The history of Nottingham’s fashion is also inspiring.”

Alice Levine with the style team at Nottingham Fashion Week. By Callum Baigre.
Ask Alice: the presenter chats to the style team. Pic: Callum Baigrie

She added: “My parents still live in Nottingham so I’m here often to visit. I now live in Hackney in London, so it’s a completely different vibe.

“When I’m in Nottingham I have to rein myself in but I love shopping in Warehouse, M&S, vintage shops like Cow and Beeston’s charity shops.”

Alice, 29, is now a designer herself, creating her own garments for Finery’s Forever Collection, launched April 2016 alongside Nottingham’s Vicky McClure.

Noted for her vintage style, she proudly wore a blouse from her line to greet the press ahead of Friday’s fashion show.

She says she was surprised to be asked to present – “Perhaps everyone else was busy.”

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Alice Levine. Taken Callum Baigre.
Alice Levine: designer and presenter. Pic: Callum Baigrie