Apps are becoming the go-to option to find love…but these apps are ruining the magic of dating.

See here’s my issue; when you talk to somebody through an app – say, Grindr – you are taking the personality out of a conversation, and by extension, the person themselves.

Take for example a personal experience I had just last month. I had been speaking to a handsome young man, a doctor on Tinder. The usual stream of “what’s your favourite TV show?” and “how did you come out?” was flowing nicely between us, when I decided to step it up a notch and invite him out for a drink. He agreed, I felt like Warren Beatty at the Oscars, ready to announce to my family that I had finally found a winner…and we all know what happened after that…

‘Confident behind a screen, but failing badly at real human interaction’

The sarcastic banter and sexual innuendos that usually filled our conversation online were replaced by awkward silences and conversations about what sauce we liked on our sandwiches. ‘Dating app syndrome’ as I call it, is where somebody has a completely different personality online to that in person.

Sitting there, I decided to pull a Ginger Spice and leave before things just limped to an awkward end (let’s not kid ourselves, the Spice Girls were never the same after she left).

Confident and outgoing behind a screen, but failing badly at real human interaction, it seems that the problem is growing.

You can spend weeks getting to know somebody through an app, but you can never estimate or indeed predict how they are in person, or if their personal skills will match up with the rapid fire texts you exchange on a daily basis.

‘Nothing can beat a good old-fashioned human date’

We focus so much on getting to know each other on the app, that we fail to realise that these conversations can be had in the real world.

You could talk about your favourite TV show or literally anything. I believe that if these conversations were to be had face-to-face, not only would the conversation flow a lot more organically, but you can really get to know that person. Messages on an app are often thought out (we’re all guilty of writing a message, deleting it, writing it again…and repeat…) and constructed. Natural conversation isn’t, and that’s where you can really get to know a person and see them for who they are.

I’m not saying these apps are all bad. They’re a great modern tool for initiating that point of contact between two potential love-birds, but don’t forget that nothing can beat a good old-fashioned human date.

Let’s not replace drunken stories and cute dates with emojis and apps. Instead, let’s embrace that these apps are here to help us, not consume us.