Michelle Obama will go down in history as the most loved First Lady of the United States because she just is the best.

Not only Michelle Obama has got really cool mum dance moves, she is also one of the greatest First Ladies the United States has ever had. She will be remembered as the first First Lady of colour who was able to speak articulately and with passion about issues that truly matter to her and her fellow American citizens. The fact that she is ready to do it without plagiarising anyone seems ideal to me.

Whilst she might seem like it, Michelle Obama is not an icon. No, she is too much relatable to be categorised as such. First and foremost, she is a woman who is proud of how she turned two little girls into strong, independent young women such as Sasha and Malia. In 2015, she and her husband decided to launch Let Girls Learn, an organisation aimed at making sure girls from around the world get an education, and most importantly stay in school.

She is then a wife, and I envy her relationship with her husband. Constantly being in the eye of the media is not the first advice any good couple therapist should give you. However, they both seem more in love now than on the day we first met them if that is even possible.

Her style has been as equally talked about as Jackie Kennedy’s and she has been featured on the covers of Vogue, Glamour, Essence, Time Magazine and many more. She is a beautiful woman who has been sought by designers from around the world, it remains an honour to see your dress worn by Michelle Obama and can propel you into the limelight – which is what happened with designers such as Jason Wu and Thakoon.

Credit: AP

Black and proud. Michelle Obama has no issues talking about race and how racism still affects many African-Americans, she is working towards creating a more understanding and tolerant society where black people have the same opportunities as anybody else.

Bet Awards, 2015.

Being married to the most powerful man of the new world could become quite a challenge if one did not have the composure of a true role model. Michelle Robinson graduated from Harvard Law in 1988 and ended up marrying her State’s Senator, Barack Obama. While she might not see herself campaigning to become President in the future, she will be remembered as half of the coolest duo in America. If she ever changes her mind, I would not mind seeing her as the second female president. And I know I would not be the only one.