Bored of the norm?

Here is a political party that is a little bit different. Its aims include sterilising Mick Jagger, legalising brothels and using election expenses to pay for drinks down the pub.

Elvis and The Yeti Himalayan Preservation (aka Bus Pass Elvis Party or Church of the Militant Elvis) is doing just that with David Bishop running for Nottingham East.

‘if the Yeti was standing I think she would get more votes
than me’

Asked if he is feeling confident about the election, Bishop, who also calls himself Lord Biro says: “I’m not sure, if the Yeti was standing I think she would get more votes than me.”

If Bishop does in fact win the election he would, “Go to the pub, get very drunk and put the bill on my election expenses.”

The party was set up 2001, with hopes to, “campaign on issues that the other parties don’t… like sterilise Mick Jagger, legalise cannabis [although the Liberal Democrats want to do that this year] and brothels… and save the hedgehog.”

Bishop lists his manifesto on the party’s website. It also includes: getting people who fly-tip to be put in stocks and have cheese burgers thrown at them, saving public toilets from extinction, and for cannabis to be nationalised and called British Grass.

Sadly, 72-year-old Bishop believes this will be the last election as he is, “getting too old” … “this will definitely be my last General Election.”

Outside the main political parties, it isn’t just colourful candidates who run for election on non-traditional slates.

May I introduce you to:

  • The most famous whimsical party in the UK is The Official Monster Raving Lunatic Party. Howling Laud Hope, is standing for Maidenhead against Prime Minister Theresa May. The party wants to clear away the national debt with a credit card.
  • Also in Maidenhead, Bobby ‘Elmo’ Smith is standing. Although he dresses up as the Muppets character Elmo, he is standing for a serious issue of family court reform.
  • Mr Fish Finger is running in Westmorland and Lonsdale, who dresses as a fish finger. His £500 deposit to run was raised by crowdfunding.

So, it seems not all Brits live up to the terribly reserved and serious stereotype.

Other Candidates for Nottingham East:

Kat Boettge, Green Party

Robert Hall-Palmer, UK Independence Party

Barry Holliday, Liberal Democrats

Chris Leslie, Labour Party

Simon Murray, Conservative Party