Lexia Tomlinson, 23, poet, actress and spoken word artist from Birmingham is February’s featured performer at the Crosswords open mic night at the Malt Cross in Nottingham.

Crosswords is a spoken word event held in the caves under the Malt Cross bar with people performing prose, storytelling, and monologues.

Lexia Tomlinson first got involved in poetry and spoken word age 17 after helping curate and produce a festival for the Midlands Art Centre in Birmingham. Gaining access to poets such as Jodi Ann Bickley and Steve Camden inspired her to start poetry and spoken word.

2017 Roundhouse Slam semi-finalist, Lexia said: “I love to write about introspective personal heartbreak and sociological and political topics that are affecting our society and generation.”

Leanne Moden producer of the Crosswords open mic night at the Malt Cross pub asked Lexia to be the featured performer in February’s open mic night after watching some of her performances online.

Lexia said: “I’ll be doing a mixture of old material including my pieces ‘Boomerang Kids’ and ‘Borrowed Time’ and new material such as my piece ‘Orange’.

She added: “My set list isn’t fully curated yet though, I like to read a room when I perform because sometimes you can go on with a set list but that’s not the vibe of the audience.

“I just want to be able to sustain a career for a lifetime with my writing and acting, I found out you can win a Grammy for spoken word, and I think hell yeah I want a Grammy.”

Previous performers at the Crosswords open mic have been poet and rapper Stephen Thomas and poet and musician Hazel Monaghan.

Lexia is currently helping to produce the upcoming women’s festival Powering the Matriarchy Together which is set to take place on the 10th March at the Impact Hub in Birmingham.