Macaron Tower (Macaron Marlo)

So, in case you didn’t know it’s National Macaron Day today. Some of you might not even know what macarons are or have had them, well we’re here to tell you.

Macarons are meringue-based cookies made by using sugar, almond powder and egg whites.

It is most popular in Europe, especially France.

We spoke to one of Nottingham’s macaron baker and self-taught pastry chef, Allena Marlow, who owns Macaron Marlo which is located at Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.

Allena spoke about how she had never baked before and happened to ‘stumble’ into making macarons.

“I would love to think that people had always known about macarons, there is an appreciation for it but it’s that product that some people look forward to tasting when they go abroad to France or Amsterdam.”

Check out the rest of our interview with Allena below.