Want to be a vlogger? Here’s our top ten guide to creating your own successful vlog and everything you need to make sure it’s amazing!

  1. Choose a theme. Is your passion toys? Food? Fashion? Beauty? Cars? Films? Music? Something else? Find your favourite and stick with it for your vlog and remember it is totally up to you.
  2. Have a look at what’s trending. What themes and ideas are trending doing well? And why? Is there something you could write about with authority?
  3. Focus on the quality of your videos. A relaxed approach is all very well but quality – good content, well framed, clear sound – still matters.
  4. Comment on other vlogs and blogs. Your vlog is new so you need some exposure. Commenting on other vlogs will help you gain views and attract traffic back to your own vlog. Just make sure the comments are nice!
  5. Establish a friendly connection with the audience. Always try and look at the camera and don’t be too serious. Light-hearted tones tend to do better in vlogs.
  6. Use social media: promote your vlog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and your other social media channels.
  7. Get the right setting: If you’re vlogging about food and you’re in a bedroom or garden, for example, it projects the wrong image. A kitchen is much better, of course.
  8. Use props. Props always help gain views. Make sure you use the right props for the right theme as well.
  9. Be creative: don’t be afraid to express yourself.
  10. And finally: HAVE FUN! (And if you’re under 13, get permission from your parents!

A Light-hearted tone tends
to do better in vlogs