Brussels sprouts are once again causing a divide, and this time it’s between students at Nottingham Trent University.

Local pizza restaurant Pizzastorm, located in Nottingham city centre, has added Brussels sprouts as an optional pizza topping for this year’s festive period.

Three postgraduate students, Rhys Brown, 21, Polly Harrison, 23, and Chris King, 24, tried one of Pizzastorm’s 14-inch margherita pizzas with the unusual topping.

This led to some very mixed reviews…

Opening the pizza box, all three said the pizza smelled amazing.

Chris said, “My initial thoughts are… I love sprouts and this looks insane. But they aren’t spread very evenly, that poor slice only has one sprout on it.”

Polly said, “I thought they might’ve roasted the sprouts first, but they just look boiled… I thought it would’ve been a bit fancier,” to which Chris interjected, “but that’s how you’re meant to cook sprouts! That’s the best way!”

Rhys has never had a Brussels sprout before, so he had to be the first to taste the controversial pizza.

He said, “the pizza itself is amazing, the cheese is very nicely done and tastes really fresh.”

But when he got to a section with a sprout on it, he said, “I felt like I was in I’m a Celebrity, and that was a Bushtucker trial. It was just endless chewing.

“I definitely don’t like sprouts, they’re disgusting. That’s going to be my first and last time trying one.”

Polly agreed with Rhys, saying, “they’re way too crunchy, I don’t know if I’d eat that again. They don’t go well with the pizza.

“The pizza on its own, yes, but with the sprouts, no.”

Chris disagreed, saying, “They’re a bit crunchy as they’re not fully boiled, but that’s great because you get the soft base of the pizza complemented by the crunchiness of the Brussels. I could really get behind this idea, it’s amazing.”

Rhys objected, saying, “I would’ve liked them better if they were softer. The crunchiness was very off-putting.”

Clearly Nottingham students have mixed reviews. But if you’re a Brussels sprouts lover, they’re available as a pizza topping at Pizzastorm until December 24 – so get them while you can!