Dice Tower is a magazine dedicated to table-top games with news, reviews, advice, tips and insight for both hardcore gamers and first-timers.

Alongside big-name interviews and the latest releases, it will promote debate about issues for gamers, such as the importance of dice-rolling in board games (yes!) and how games fire people’s imaginations.

Cover style

Illustrated – board games themselves rely on this style to sell their product, so it would also allow us to create more exciting covers.

Cost and distribution

Subscription/newsstand – the magazine would sell for £4.99 with discounts for subscribers

Brand extensions

Special publications, merchandise, including collectables, events such as live gaming  and expos, and Meet and Greets – a chance to connect with high-profile YouTubers who are involved in playing table-top games. We also aim to launch our own convention.

Podcasts will offer gaming news, debates and interviews with people in the game industry with special episodes reviewing new game releases and audio gaming playthroughs of the latest games.

Video content will cover how-tos/hints and tips videos for table-top games plus reviews of the latest games.


Alongside branded merchandise, we will sell table-top games through our websites

Digital strategy

Reddit, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube are our key platforms.

Reddit has a massive table-top gaming community – the board games subreddit has 2.4 million followers – so we will tap into this market with memes and more casual content. For Instagram, as table-top gaming is a visual subject, we will create attractive, inclusive content through main posts and stories, as well as streaming on Instagram live.

Chris King, Shannon Mountford and George White