Blending craft, DIY, minimalism and sustainability, EcoStyle brings together trends, products, and news about environmental topics with constructive, creative and life-enriching advice.

Environmental concern is high on the political agenda and there is a clear increase in green consumerism as a result. Meanwhile interest in crafting, both amateur and professional, is on the rise, according to the Crafts Council.

Ecostyle will start online and expand into a print version – using 100% recycled paper – via subscription once the brand is established.


Our aim is to encourage a more mindful and creative approach to consumption of products.

In 2018 Global Web Index found 61% of millennials, 55% of Generation X, and 58% of Generation Z surveyed would pay more for eco-friendly products.


News, reviews, interviews and features focused on sustainability, and ranging from environmental news such as the Australian bush fires and the future of food packaging to profiles of current ‘green’ champions,  plus craft workshops and how-tos, such as making your own shopping bags out of old T-shirts.

Each cover will aim to charm the potential audience with striking imagery and coverlines that suggest what readers can learn inside and imagery throughout will blend the key themes of craft and sustainability.

Target audience

ABC1 Women, similar demographic to Good Housekeeping and Prima. The age range of those interested in sustainability extends from retirees to parents and Generation Z but our core focus is on the 25-45 age group.


Online only and monthly to start. Once established, we aim to produce a print version four times a year, with more frequent online content behind paywall.

A digital newsletter will offer a weekly round-up of articles published in the mag

Brand extension

Free ‘how to’ tutorials on YouTube (details mentioned in Digital Strategy)

Online courses, paid-for

Craft workshops – following a similar approach to Slimming World meetings and Etsy parties, Ecostyle will create communities in different cities.

Special publications covering knitting and textiles, upcycling and the home, cleaning products and cosmetics

Online shop selling range of merchandise from independent sellers (DIY kits, handmade products, homemade cosmetics

Sustainability Awards


Advertising, including sponsored advertising on the website and in newsletter banners plus advertorials and sponsored features in the printed magazine.

Target advertisers include independent shops and suppliers, eco-friendly cosmetics companies, eco-cleaning products and ethical fashion brands.

Digital strategy

The digital strategy will focus on bringing traffic to the website, increasing brand recognition and providing a launchpad for a printed magazine.

A members’ area/paywall option includes the full magazine in digital format, access to paid-for online courses and discount vouchers for affiliate companies.

Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are the key social media platforms as they are based on visuals, crucial for our type of magazine.

Our YouTube content will offer how-to videos, detailed tutorials and look to collaborate with star YouTubers

We’ll use Twitter and Facebook to share links to articles and news and start conversation with fans

EcoStyle will by pitched by Radka Feichtingerova, Sophie Gargett and Chloe Weldon to a panel of industry professionals in NTU’s Dragons’ Den competition for MA Magazine journalists on Wednesday March 4