Phoebe Burt - digital editor of Mollie Makes
Community spirit - a strong base of loyal fans online lies behind the success of Mollie Makes, says Phoebe Burt

Phoebe Burt is the digital content editor at Mollie Makes, a craft magazine published by Immediate Media Co. She talks to Radka Feichtingerová about her fast-paced career, building relationships with her audience and trying to be the best crafting title in the market. 

How would you describe your career journey so far? 

I studied literature and publishing at university, but I was enjoying the digital marketing element the most. I did lots of internships and ended up getting a job at digital marketing company Fat Media. I worked there for over a year and then decided I wanted to focus on bigger projects rather than many individual clients, so I joined Mollie Makes. 

What makes Mollie Makes successful?  

Community and loyalty. Mollie has a strong online fanbase. People love being part of something online, that’s one of the reasons why digital usually performs better than print. 

How do you make a craft magazine stand out on digital platforms?  

Crafting is all about visual attraction: you must make it seem as cool as other things you see on Instagram or Pinterest. We have a specific aesthetic and set styling for all the kinds of crafting we do. Without this distinct style, we wouldn’t provide the beautiful images that people want to see. They won’t follow something that’s ugly. 

crafting is all about visual attraction. people won’t follow something that’s ugly

How do you engage with your audience? 

We try to build a personal relationship with the people who make our projects. I always share people’s makes on our social media platforms and they get really excited because they feel famous when they see their pictures shared by our brand. 

What is your key responsibility as digital content editor? 

Apart from keeping the digital media platforms going, I aim to increase the brand’s reach by using analytics to guide content. 

How do you expand your reach? 

Takeovers are really great for it. Occasionally we let our featured designers take over our Instagram account. Through promoting the upcoming takeovers on their accounts, they approach their audience and bring them over to Mollie. That’s why we always try to get a diverse range of designers in terms of background, class and race.  

don’t expect to be given everything just because you have a degree

Are you a craft person in your spare time? 

I am every now and then. I did embroidery and upcycling clothes quite a lot.   

What advice do you have for people who would like to enter the media industry? 

Do lots of placements and internships while studying, don’t expect to be paid for them, and don’t expect to be given everything just because you have a degree.  

What do you want to accomplish with Mollie Makes? 

I want it to be the Vogue of crafting.