Bored? So are we. Good thing these cafes are here to help.

It’s May 2020, the trip from your room to your kitchen is the most exciting venture of the day, you’ve watched every documentary on Netflix twice and you’ve spent so much time scrolling on your phone that you’re worried the cramp in your thumb is soon to be irreversible.

The weekly trip to your local Board Game Cafe is nothing but a distant memory and the need for a lengthy D&D session is stronger than ever before.

But fear not, we have compiled together a list of 5 board game cafes that are trying to cure your boredom, by offering simple ways to play at home.

Discover new ways to play your favourite tabletop games with your friends during isolation.

1. Lockdown Calendar

D20, a Board Game Cafe located in Watford, have put together a weekly calendar to fill the board game shaped hole in your life. Events include an online Pokemon tournament, Nintendo Switch meet-up and open-gaming nights where you can play new games with people. All from the comfort of your sofa.

2. Print and Play

Liverpool based cafe, Sugar and Dice, have created free print and play versions of great family games including Dixit and Concept. They have also put together a wonderful list of games that work well through Zoom, so assemble your friends and family and get playing!

3. Live Speed Quizzing

At 7:30 pm every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, Nottingham’s The Dice Cup hosts a live speed quiz, each one will feature two 10-question specialist subject rounds and three 20 question General Knowledge round. So brush up your quizzing skills and get your pencil ready.

4. Online Gatherings

StarBase Leicester have created an online gathering for all things geek! It allows you to connect with other like-minded players, you can share projects, watch Netflix, play Minecraft or just have a general chit-chat.

5. Quiz Sheet downloads

The Treetop Board Game Cafe are continuing their monthly quiz, only now it’s virtual! For a small fee of £2.50, you can download the quiz sheets from their website, you then have two hours to complete it and the winner receives £30. So gather your lockdown mates around the sofa for some trivia fun and support an independent company at the same time.