©Steamforged Games: The RE3 board game prototype from the team

A Kickstarter campaign by Steamforged Games to fund a board game inspired by Resident Evil 3 had already surpassed its target of £150,000 by the end of April, having raised £365,898.

Based in Manchester, Steamforged Games designed the Resident Evil 2 board game and released it in September 2018. It was a successful campaign and garnered positive reviews with a 7.6 on BoardGameGeek.

Resident Evil 3: The Board Game will recreate the 1999 original. A free demo was released on Tabletopia, and players have the choice to play solo, online or local co-op.

Steamforged Games said the game would be “a cooperative survival horror game for 1-4 players that can be experienced either through individual, one-shot scenarios or as a 19+ hour campaign with an overarching storyline.”

Fans of the series are excited for the next instalment, as First Aid Spray Podcast said “Resident Evil 3: The Board Game promises to be another huge success if our experience of Resident Evil 2 is anything to go by!”

Jules from Live and Let Dice said “Resident Evil 2: The Board Game was a terrifying delight [and] we can’t wait to return to Raccoon City!”

The Kickstarter campaign ends May 13, and the game is expected to be released in June 2021.