Stuck for what to do while you're in isolation? We've got you covered.

With endless days to fill, there’s no better time to get stuck into a good gaming session with your fellow lockdown inmates. Whether you’re after a little friendly competition, some adventurous escapism or an entertaining distraction, Dice Tower has your back.

Check out the games below which are all available to order or download, and transport yourself to imagined realities where fantasy and fortitude will keep your sanity intact.



Avoiding humans is pretty much top of everyone’s list at the moment, so you might feel an affinity with the creatures of ARGH. In this minimalist card game, your mission is to join the struggle for animal liberation and revolt against the beastly humans who have exploited your kind. Find allies and join forces to create a bomb using smart deductions and careful propositions, and show those humans who is boss.

Credit: Blue Cocker

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We Didn’t Playtest This At All

Need to inject a little nonsensical chaos to your day? This hilarious card game will soon sort that out. With a playing time between 20 seconds and 10 minutes and a concoction of easy, random challenges, you’ll soon discover that the rules are utterly absurd. Avoid dragons, lasers, and black holes, be saved by kittens, science and dinosaurs, and try your luck against your opponents.

Credit: Asmadi

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Recreate the thrills of a spaghetti western shoot-out with BANG!, the gun-totin’, buck-jumpin’ dice game. After being assigned to a deputy, sheriff, outlaw or renegade at the start of the game, roll the dice to collect guns, beer and horses in order to improve your chance of survival in a good old-fashioned, rodeo showdown.

Credit: DV Giochi

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Roll Estate

If you fancy recreating the Monopoly-induced family brawls of your childhood, this print and play dice game will whet your capitalist appetite – plus, all you need is a set of five 6-sided dice and a printer to begin.

Invoking your most ruthless Wall Street broker by starting businesses, gambling in the stock market, trying your luck on the lottery to see who can become the most flush tycoon in the room.

Credit: Flip The Table

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Pocket Imperium

Feeling a little cooped up? You may not be allowed to go to the park or the beach, but you can still head to space with this excellently compact excursion. Your hand will determine whether you are set to expand, explore or exterminate as you move across the galaxy, impacting your fellow cosmonaut’s mission and plotting to rule the galaxy.

Credit: LudiCreation

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Pocket Civ

You may well be feeling as if you could be doing a better job at running the world right now, but want to try your luck? This downloadable game comes in two forms: basic and deluxe, which means if you want to get arty and create something really special, you can print and mount the artwork. Enjoy a ride of glory and defeat as your humble tribe grows into a booming civilisation. Invade your neighbours, build world wonders, create cities and let your inner megalomaniac run wild.

Credit: Print & Play Games

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Murder Mystery on the Night Train

It is 1930 and dangerous deeds have been taking place onboard night train, the European Belle. Adopt a character, draw cards to find clues and conduct your own investigation as you dine. You may think you know your lockdown buddies well, but this elaborate dinner party game is likely to cast suspicion on all sides.

Credit: Talking Tables

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Welcome to Mysterium Mansion, an estate haunted by many secrets. Decipher cryptic visions and surreal artwork to solve a strange murder in this beautiful and beguiling board game. Taking on the role of ghost, medium or investigator, you will work as a team to identify weapons, locations and potential suspects, with help from those who have passed over.

Credit: Libellud

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Our Last Best Hope

If the current situation is making you feel particularly apocalyptic, indulge your survivalist tendencies and be the star of your very own disaster movie with Our Last Best Hope. Inspired by films such as Sunshine, Deep Impact, The Core, and Armageddon, your team is faced with an epic existential crisis and must save the world by fighting off zombies, stopping meteors or drilling into the centre of the earth.

Credit: Magpie Games

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