Playing board games is no longer lame, and even celebrities like Woody Harrelson and Jessica Alba are fans of the genre. There is a board game for every occasion, and there has been a slow rise of solo ones with the 1 Player Guild on BoardGameGeek attracting almost 14,000 members.

In solo games, it’s you versus the game, and you must be able to outsmart the game’s mechanics. Playing by yourself has gone from sad to rad.

Here’s our pick of the 5 best games for the solo player:


Released after the tremendous success of the video gameGod of War: The Card Game allows players to be powerful individuals from mythology and stop Ragnarök. Take on the persona of a character from the series such as Kratos or Atreus and use their unique abilities to complete the quests.

Each game features adventures in which the player must tactically defeat the enemies in what-if scenarios. As you progress, earlier crusades influence the later ones and can have permanent consequences. It’s an experience that will never play the same way twice and won’t disappoint fans of God of War.

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Subverting the colonial conquest theme of classic games such as CatanSpirit Island is focused on the character taking control of nature (a spirit) to use its power to scare off the invaders. It demands deep concentration to figure out each turn and how best to employ your elemental powers to send the barbarians back before they destroy the beautiful land.

Although it’s a great multiplayer experience, it’s a true solo game as it’s possible to play with only one spirit. After so many games like Puerto Rico, Age of Empires and Imperial Settlers present colonisation as a good thing, Spirit Island does the opposite and does it well. It can be complicated, but if you’re willing to put in a little bit of time, Spirit Island will rock your world.

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Even mystical beings can fall on hard times, and your goal here is to help them rob the local Magic Maze shopping centre for equipment. At the start of the game, you only have three minutes to act and take control of all characters.

In order to evade the surveillance of the guards and cameras, all four characters will need to pull off their heists simultaneously but must dash to the exit together. If you run out of time, you’ll lose. After a few rounds you’ll be hooked into stealing magical items (don’t try this in the real world).

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Being left alone in a spaceship is scary but mixed with a ship full of deadly aliens makes it even more terrifying. In Nemesis, you are someone who has been rudely awoken from hibernation and must race against time to defeat enemies to complete your objective.

The game can be played by 1-5 people, but it’s more intense as a solo survival game. Offering a one of a kind gameplay in which you’ll feel the eerie atmosphere that’ll make you feel like your life depends on this game. If you like Sci-Fi movies or just general survival games, then this game should be next on your must-have list.

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Created by the legendary Matt LeacockThunderbirds: Board Game gives you control of all your favourite Thunderbirds characters as they try to stop The Hood and avert global disaster.

You are part of an international rescue team and you must access the risks and solve the puzzles by using the most efficient resources to save the world. It’s an easy game to immerse yourself into with amazing moments of tension where the game’s outcome will depend on the dice roll.

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