Frosthaven, the highly anticipated Gloomhaven sequel is now the highest funded tabletop game to succeed through Kickstarter.

With more than $12m (£9.7m) pledged by 83,000 backers over its month-long campaign, the board game is also the third-highest Kickstarter project of all time, only behind a smartwatch and multi-function drinks cooler.

Frosthaven is a brand new stand-alone campaign that takes place in the Gloomhaven world. In the original game, players take on the role of mercenaries, playing through various scenarios and fighting monsters. The sequel is more of the same, but offering fans brand new characters, scenarios and even town building and resource gathering.

Issac Childres, the designer and owner of tabletop publisher, Cephalofair games and creator of Gloomhaven is still in shock at his great success. “It’s unreal that something I was responsible for achieved that height,” he said. “I realised there was potential to do it, given Gloomhaven’s large fan base, but I really didn’t know what to expect.”

Childres credits the campaign’s success to the large fan base of the original game, that had its own campaign in 2015, raising nearly $400,000 (£386,000) with 5,000 backers and has grown in popularity since then.

“Gloomhaven is a critical darling, people who own the game really love it, so the community was primed to come out in support of Frosthaven”.

Now the campaign has ended the company are going full steam ahead with production, working to fulfil the promises of the campaign and finish making the game ready for its release in March 2021.

Frosthaven is available for pre-order through Kickstarter, currently for $130 (approx. £105).