Dice Tower magazine was launched this month and we sat down with editor Chris King, designer Shannon Mountford and chief sub George White to ask what it’s been like to make this magazine from scratch.

Describe your role at Dice Tower

CK: As the editor I’ve had a variety of things to do, from helping write and record some of our content, to signing off on page designs and creating a content list — which is a full list of everything we want on the website and in the magazine. It’s been great getting to work with everyone and see this go from an idea in my head to a finished product.

SM: I am the chief designer of Dice Tower Magazine, which means I get to design the page formats and work out where everything goes. It is my job to make sure that all of the content fits into the magazine and the pages flow throughout the entire copy. I enjoyed every moment, working with Chris as editor and Chloe Weldon, to create each page and see the design come together.

GW: I am the magazine’s chief sub editor, meaning I’m responsible for checking spelling and grammar, writing quality and any potential legal issues — you know, all the fun stuff. Luckily for me, the Dice Tower team has done a top job throughout, making my job nice and easy.

Chris King – Editor of Dice Tower magazine

Why did you come up with the idea for Dice Tower?

CK: I have always really loved board games but I only got back into them recently. So when we were asked to come up with an idea for a new magazine brand it was one of the first things that came to mind. Everyone loves playing games and the community out there is huge, but they haven’t really got a monthly mag to collect and look forward to. Dice Tower aims to fix that!

SM: I am a huge classic tabletop game fan, and spent my childhood playing these sorts of games. Chris and George are both massive game enthusiasts, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to combine the two and produce something that everyone can read and enjoy. The unique selling point of Dice Tower is inclusivity and I am glad that we have made a publication that is so special.

GW: Tabletop gaming is the ultimate social activity, so the idea of creating a magazine focused on discussing board games seemed like a great one. The community is forever growing in size, diversity and creativity, meaning there are a tonne of excellent stories to be told and interesting people to talk to.

Why should people read the magazine?

CK: Exclusive interviews, informed opinions, and a real team spirit from the writers and designers. Everyone has been amazing when helping to put this together, and you can tell when you read the magazine that it’s a labour of love. Readers want to see that, especially tabletop enthusiasts as they want people to be as passionate as they are.

SM: Dice Tower is one of a kind, and includes content that you won’t find anywhere else. Unlike other publications, Dice Tower is exclusively tabletop games and has something in there for everyone. Whether you are looking for news, fun articles or even inspiration for a new game purchase — you’ll find it here.

GW: Dice Tower has something for everyone with an interest in tabletop gaming — whether you’re a part-time player or a seasoned pro. With our news, features and interviews, we have a full range of amazing articles for all to enjoy. Isn’t that nice?

Shannon Mountford – designer-in-chief

What was your favourite part of making the magazine?

CK: My favourite part has probably been page design chats, seeing the ideas we had fleshed out and changed as the guys came up with some beautiful templates for the content. It was really fun just talking it through and then seeing it come to life. Though, I will say as a personal caveat it was also pretty amazing to interview Spenser Starke because his game, Icarus, is incredible.

SM: It has to be seeing all the writers, designers, and editors all working together. Everyone has been working around the clock to perfect each part so that the final product is everything our readers want and more.

GW: The team effort involved in creating this magazine was fantastic. Everyone who contributed to the mag did a brilliant job and they were a delight to work with. Every page is packed with enjoyable, original content and that’s all down to the hard work of the DT team.

Do you have a favourite feature?

CK: ‘Happy birthday, Catan’ is a great read, properly gauging fans’ love of the series but also questioning where it’ll go in another 25 years. Polly did a great job on that one and for me it was one of the most fun reads.

SM: ‘Table Top Tales’ is a personal favourite of mine. Hearing funny real-life moments is a great way to connect with other players and gives that sense of community in the magazine that we wanted.

GW: There’s this mind-blowingly incredible article that this fella — I think his name’s George White — wrote about upcoming board game Moonshine Empire. That is a truly formidable read, and a real game changer for tabletop journalism. Joking aside, I think the spotlight on Corinth is super interesting.

George White – Chief Sub-editor

Describe the brand in three words?

CK: Informative. Fun. Exciting

SM: New. Inclusive. Entertaining.

GW: Original. Enjoyable. Interesting.