Mary Holland found a great new use for her unwanted Christmas presents. Credit: Mary Holland

Two pensioners have begun making their own face masks using bras they received at Christmas.

Phyliss Wild, 73, from Parson Cross in Sheffield, and her sister Mary Holland, 68 from West Hallam in Derbyshire, struggled to find masks in their local shops and had no access to online shopping.

Taking the initiative, Ms Wild began making her face mask using a new set of bras that she received as a gift and had yet to open.

She said: “I had three packs of bras from Christmas that I haven’t opened, and I can’t take them to the charity shop with lockdown, so I wanted to try and make good use out of them. I’m not a tramp and would never use dirty bras to make masks.”

Women with face masks
Sisters Mary Holland and Phyliss Wild have been getting creative making their own face masks. Credit: Phyliss Wild

Mrs Holland decided to join in the fun and make her own mask using her sister’s instructions.

Both women are at serious risk of contracting Covid-19 and needed protective gear to be able to do shopping and pick up their medication.

“My household is at risk, but we were given no extra help from anyone. Masks were either sold out or being sold at extortionate prices,” said Mrs Holland. “Our only option was to make them ourselves and the most I’ve spent is £5 on a set of bras.”

Their nephew Scott Akers, 49, from Manor Top in Sheffield, works as a carer and wanted a mask to protect himself, so Ms Wild sent him one she made.

A few more family members and neighbours heard of their craft, so the two sisters decided to combine their efforts to make and send masks for those who need it.

They have made over 15 masks so far and have no intention of stopping any time soon.