The beauty industry is changing rapidly in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Credit: Content Pixie

The UK has seen online beauty sales soar by 53% during Covid-19. But with most of us now working from home and going makeup free, has there been a change in what beauty products we are purchasing?

Last week The Retail Times revealed that online retail sales have soared to a ten-year high during COVID-19, despite many brands having to postpone product launches.

Chloe Weaver asked the makeup lovers of Nottingham to share just exactly what they are buying throughout the lockdown and if they think their consumption needs will change with the aftermath of coronavirus.

“Since the beginning of lockdown, my makeup purchases has definitely changed,” said Stapleford based makeup artist, Jackie Ghahremani, 24.

“I wanted to give my skin time to breathe and recover”

“I’ve been buying more products and trying new things out as I have a lot of time on my hands,” she added. “I have had extra time to read product reviews and watch more YouTube tutorials, which has resulted in a change in my consumption of products.”

For many of us, lockdown has resulted in a chance to perfect our skin care routine. “I’ve used this time to purchase skin care products as I wanted to give my skin time to breathe and recover,” said full-time bar supervisor Rosie Bainbridge, 25, of West Bridgford.

“I have been trying to perfect my skills and experiment more”

And this is an opinion echoed by other women. “I would say throughout lockdown I have been wearing a lot less makeup and therefore buying less,” said Claire Harris, 23, Admin Assistant from The Meadows. “Although, I have been trying to perfect my skills and experiment more.”

During these uncertain times, wearing makeup can provide us with a sense of excitement. “As the restrictions have been lifted and we’re allowed to see one person outside of our household, I’m going to use that time to go that extra mile and wear a bit more makeup as it’s more of a special occasion,” Claire added.

“After lockdown, I’ll probably go for more of a neutral look”

But has this period in isolation given us the time we needed to re-evaluate how we are shopping and the products we are buying?

“I think I’ll shop differently initially, as swatching makeup and contact with people isn’t the most hygienic thing, so I’ll stick to online purchases,” said NHS admin assistant Jessica O’Neil, 22, of Mapperley.

“After lockdown, I’ll probably go for more of a neutral look because I’m used to seeing myself with less makeup,” said Rosie.

Wearing makeup can also provide us with a sense of normality throughout the pandemic and help with our mental health.

“I wear it to make me feel more ‘normal’ and put together,” said Jessica.

“I definitely have more productive days when I have it on,” added Jackie.

So with the pandemic set to shape consumer trends for next decade, the beauty industry may be about to change drastically.

“Looking good to feel better is the new mindset for many consumers”

Consumers are turning to self-care and home-based beauty treatments to improve well-being and boost their mood throughout lockdown.

Looking good to feel better is the new mindset for many consumers, and lets face it, for many of us at the minute there isn’t much else to do.

Social distancing and isolating in the luxury of our own homes has resulted in a new level of comfort that has seen many of us completely makeup free. This lack of interaction and social events has resulted in a big boom in the skincare industry.

But consumers across the globe are showing by their actions that they still find some sort of comfort in the simple pleasures of a “self-care Sunday” or a swipe of lipstick before a Zoom meeting.