MA Magazine Journalism students are vying for success in our annual Dragons’ Den competition for new mag brands with contenders covering music, lifestyle and education.

The four groups of postgrad #ntujournos will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges from the magazine world on Thursday Feb 11 and the winning entry will be put into production by all 14 students later this term.

Click on the links below to read what’s behind each title:

Floreo targets people interesting in living a more environmentally-friendly life and focuses on promoting small changes that everyone can make in their day-to-day lives, as well as demystifying topics such as ‘greenwashing’.

Jazz Chapter, described as a ‘coffee-table quarterly for enthusiasts’, targets a 20-40 audience who are fans of the new wave of jazz musicians influenced by dub, hiphop, Afrobeat and grime.

Trip  celebrates the subculture of psychedelia and its impact on for art, music, literature, fashion and film.

Ed-Presso is for school leaders anxious to get to grips with the tsunami of technological change that is happening in education and will explore the tools, skills and trends revolutionising how children are taught and how schools are run.