Woman's Single arriving at the start Credit: Toby Louch

On June 12th 2021 British Rowing held the Masters Championships, a rowing competition for athletes over the age of 27.

At the race boats rowed by one, two, four or eight people travelled down a 1km course, with categories based on boat size and the age of the athletes.

Kenny Baillie, Director of Partnerships and Communication at British rowing said “The event ran smoothly and the people involved were happy to be there.”

Rowing is unusual in its high uptake among older competitors. “The nature of rowing allows people to pick it up at any time, the oldest competitor I have seen was 92,” says Kenny.

Andrew Fletcher, 22 a sports scientist at the University of Newcastle added “Rowing provides a low impact cardio alternative reducing strain on weak or vulnerable joints, it also aids in stimulating bone growth and density.”