Extinction Rebellion protest at HSBC Clumber Street branch Photo by Toby Louch

Environment activist group Extinction Rebellion mounted protests at HSBC Bank in Nottingham today and across the country, aiming to highlight what they allege is the bank’s “planet-destroying” investment policy.

Under the banner Money Rebellion, protestors wrapped the bank’s Clumber Street branch in fake police tape which read ‘Climate Crime Scene’

Protestor Etienne Stott, 41, said: “We are protesting today to draw attention to the fact high street banks in our country are investing millions into industries that are killing our planet.”

The wave of action today by Extinction Rebellion also included spraying black liquid on the Bank of England in London.

In London several arrests have been made for trespass, criminal damage and going equipped to commit criminal damage.

HSBC employees complained there was a security issue as they were unable to access the bank.

Scenes in Nottingham were more subdued with protesters removing their banners and tape after a short period.

Police attended the scene however left following a short discussion with the protesters.

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