We made 14 rings in total including a frog ring, mushroom ring and a strawberry ring. Credit: Hollie Gwinnett

The rise in TikTok, particularly over quarantine, and the influencing culture of fashion has allowed for lots of different trends to emerge, becoming another large part of the content amongst the infamous dance challenges and pranks.

The impact of TikTok on the fashion industry is clear, with large names like Bella Hadid posting trendsetting content, and big labels such as Louis Vuitton posting live-streamed videos of fashion shows.

Influencers are also earning a strong place on the app for joining in on the hype, where there’s been a boom of different fashion trends due to their posts. There’s been countless videos showing off tinted retro sunglasses, sweater vests, and the colour brown.

Another major trend that’s emerged on TikTok has been a return of 2000’s fashion, with the hashtag #Y2kFashion, which has also effected the mainstream fashion industry.

DIY fashion trends and crafting have also become a large part of TikTok content, particularly with tutorials for how to make different types of jewellery, how to dye clothes and how to make phone charms.

Tutorials on clay rings have been very popular, showing off fun, colourful and creative rings with easy-to-follow videos. In light of the last year, being able to entertain yourself at home has meant that DIY activities have been even more popular, and this video is our take on a DIY crafting tutorial.

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