The restoration team have peeled back the layers to reveal the castle's fascinating history

After three years of meticulous restoration work, Nottingham Castle is finally ready for its big reveal.

When the gates open again in June this year, visitors will find cutting-edge developments such as the fully interactive Robin Hood experience in a purpose-built space sitting alongside beautifully restored galleries. Outside is a brand-new, themed adventure playground.

Deborah Dean, principal curator for Nottingham City Museums said: “It means lots of different things to different people and we wanted to bring all of that together and articulate those stories in a new way.”

In an exciting announcement, the Castle team have just revealed they will be featuring the story of another local legend in a temporary exhibition, Hello, My Name is Paul Smith.

Sir Paul’s suit of armour comes in the form of the finest British tailoring and his trusty steed, a Mini car, is parked pride of place in the new visitor centre, decked out in his signature bright-striped livery.

Click below for a look behind the revamped Castle walls: