Planet Earth First
Navigating eco-friendly lifestyle changes can be daunting, but with sustainable influencers to lead the way it can become a lot easier. Image credit:

Transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle is a journey rather than a sudden change.

Every aspect of life has the potential to impact the environment. From diet and waste management to fashion and travel, there are plenty of aspects to consider. This transformation can be overwhelming and confusing, which is why many decide it is easier to give up.

Fortunately, the array of social media platforms available today can teach us new and simple ways to build sustainable habits, as well as remind us daily why adapting to sustainable living is important.

Here are 10 profiles to follow for useful tips and daily reminders:

  1. @mikaelaloach

Mikaela Loach is a Scottish climate activist who has been featured in Forbes. She was also nominated for the UK’s Hero Award in 2020.

On her Instagram and Twitter profiles she provides eye-opening insights on how environmental issues are affecting the Earth, with racial injustice and migrants maltreatment at the forefront. While she fights for governments to take measures, she is also promoting a sustainable lifestyle through useful tips and guides.

2. @ssustainably_

Gaia’s Instagram account uses colourful educational infographics that guides her followers in the tricky world of sustainable fashion. Her posts cover different topics such as where to shop, how to donate your old clothes, how often you should wash your garments and much more.

Fighting against fast fashion is a primary aspect of transitioning to a greener lifestyle and with Gaia’s help it’s even easier to navigate.

3. @consciousstyle

Elizabeth makes use of infographics to educate her followers through her Instagram account, but unlike Gaia she focuses on more than just fashion. Her tips help build sustainable everyday habits in every aspect of life. Some include housekeeping, interior design and organisation of parties and seasonal celebrations, to name just a few.

If you are interested in podcasts, she is publishing her own on the website:

4. @venetialamanna

Venetia La Manna is a big name in the world of green influencers. With 140k followers on Instagram, she educates about fair fashion and founded the page “Remember Who Made Them” which covers ethical fashion subjects.

Her online presence is much wider than Instagram only. She runs her own podcast series, “All The Small Things,” as well as a YouTube account with 25k followers.

5. @pathtogreenerliving

Eva runs a small Instagram profile where she shares tips for a “greener living”, with a focus on waste management. Found in her bio linktree are petitions, campaigns and articles about the most recent recycling news.

Whilst living the no-waste life is often difficult even for the most experienced environmentalists, with the right advice transitioning to a low-waste lifestyle can be more manageable than most may believe.

6. @twodustytravelers

As soon as travel returns, Two Dusty Travelers could be a great place to start and plan your next getaway.

The profile is run by Emily and Aaron, a nurse and a teacher. While they are currently focusing on medical information due to the pandemic, it only takes a quick scroll to find tips and stories about ethical and sustainable travelling.

You can find them on Instagram and also follow their blog

7. @fitgreenmind

Maya is a 16-year-old German girl who makes fun vegan food, reinventing dishes from all over the world in a plant based way.

She started by launching the blog and now has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram. Using reels and TikTok videos, she explains the cooking process in a step by step how to.

Her recipes are simple without compromising the flavours and written versions of her recipes can be found on her website.

8. @kabukirune

Vicky, with her wide social media presence — from Instagram to YouTube — is a reference point for eco-friendly skincare and beauty.

She collaborates with brands such as Fair Trade, The Body Shop and Pixi. Through her stunning photography, she teaches the simple and fun way beauty can be sustainable.

Since 2017 she has also run her own blog, where she compiles lists of cruelty-free brands.

9. @sambentley

If TikTok is your platform, Sam is the right person to follow. His videos are fun and educational with a mixture of environmental facts and best eco-places to stay. On his Instagram, you will also find everyday tips to make your life greener.

Sam is a master of communications, before starting his own eco-friendly profile, he co-founded the media company UNILAD.

10. @ggthegardengirl

Another TikTok profile to follow is Brenda, who shares amazing DIY and sustainable tips to redecorate and take care of your garden.

If you don’t have a TikTok profile have a look at her Instagram. She reposts lots of her TikTok videos as well as longer style videos using the IGTV feature. Some of her videos cover recipes and her own lush garden.