Menstural cups which are eco-friendly and reusable are becoming increasingly popular. Credit: Monika Kozub via Unsplash

Every year, 1.3 billion plastic tampon applicators go into landfill in the UK, prompting people to seek out more eco-friendly options.

Hollie Gwinnett has compiled a list of four sustainable sanitary product brands that offer alternatives for period protection.

One little change, such as swapping pads for reusable, washable, organic cotton pads, can make a huge difference to the planet.


  • Ohne was born out of a passion for womens health and an anger at the irony that sees women in the UK being sold unlabelled, pesticide filled products
  • The tampons which start at £4.60 are made from 100% organic cotton
  • Ohne prides itself on being vegan and cruelty free
  • The plastic free, organic and biodegradable pads start at £4.30
  • The products don’t contain synthetic fibres, chemical additives, fragrance, dyes, chlorine beach and residues of pesticides
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  • TOTM offers ‘planet friendly period care’
  • Tampons, pads and liners are made from organic cotton – which produces 94% fewer greenhouse gases
  • To reduce plastic they use biodegradable cardboard applicators – this is because plastic applicators can take 500 years to decompose
  • TOTM also sells reusable menstrual cups and a reusable tampon applicator for a ‘zero-waster period’
  • Pads start from £2.95 and tampons start from £2.60
  • All products are made in a factory that’s powered by renewable energy
  • Find out more at:


  • Dame are the world’s first climate positive period brand
  • Their aim is to make products that cause as little harm to the environment as possible when made, used and finished with
  • They offer reusable pads that cost £8.99 – these are made up of five layers of material, including organic cotton. All materials are manufactured with no harmful chemicals
  • Dame tampons start at £3.29 and are fully biodegradable
  • They are launching a range of performance period underwear which uses zero waste technology
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My Freda

  • ‘Created by women, for women’
  • The founder was inspired to start the brand after seeing refugees stuck at borders in Europe. These women don’t have access to period products and they are not provided in the hygiene kits, by relief organisations
  • Tampons are 100% organic cotton and the applicators are made from plant-based materials
  • A pad subscription starts at £1.10 a month and the pads contain 100% eco-friendly and renewable materials
  • All products contain zero chemicals
  • The factory where the products are manufactured creates zero landfill and all waste is recycled – used to produce heat and electricity
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