Screenshot from YouTube.
Tyler, the Creator performing at the 2020 Grammys. Credit: Tyler, the Creator on YouTube.

Hip-hop is the biggest music genre in the world, but it has come a long way since Grandmaster Flash’s beginnings on the turntable.

This is clear from 2021’s festival line ups: trap artists are dominating the music.

The genre has taken many forms – from boom bap to jazz rap and G-funk to pop rap. Hip-hop has reached a point of creative diversity where abstract, psychedelic, hardcore and jazzy sub-genres have their own dedicated communities.

Hip-hop has evolved along with the people and communities involved. But how will it evolve further? As with every popular musical period, it is likely rap won’t remain at the top forever. How will rappers, the modern day rock stars, hold their influence and creativity when society moves on? How will the music sound until then?

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