Wild Clothing is the oldest, established vintage shop in Nottingham, opening in 1983 they offer American, vintage clothing. Credit: Hollie Gwinnett, 2021

Nottingham has a long history of creativity and independent businesses. The diverse retail landscape helps the city stand out.

From antique stores to coffee shops, vintage clothing stores to small bars, you will find something for everyone on Nottingham’s high street.

Vintage store, Wild Clothing, has been around since 1983 and it specialises in American clothing such as baseball jackets and band tees.

The owner, Sean Hooley, 51, said: “Independent stores are important in every city, especially now following the lockdowns.”

Hopkinson’s is another independent store where you will find antiques, clothing and more.

Alex Townley, 25, team leader at Hopkinson’s said: “The arts are celebrated in Nottingham, it is such an open and accepting city.”

Take a look at our video to see what these stores have to offer to Nottingham and why Nottingham is the perfect place for independent businesses to thrive.