Woman's single scullers Credit: Toby Louch

Finally, The Olympics are just around the corner and soon many people will be avidly watching sports they have not followed for the last five years. Some may become so inspired that they may even give one a try.

In the first episode of The Rowing Podcast, Toby Louch is joined by old friends and ex-crewmates Tim Youell and Henry Starling as they attempt to demystify the unusual world of club and university rowing.

Unlike football, rugby or netball, rowing has a ‘high barrier to entry’ with expensive equipment and geography – you need a river – often putting people off taking the plunge.

In this first episode Getting Started, Tim, Henry and Toby discuss their own experiences as beginners in the sport. The aim being to breakdown some misconceptions and help those who are intrigued to take the first steps, or rather strokes in the sport of rowing.

Give the podcast a listen here.