Want to make video games for a living? What are would willing to sacrifice for it, thought? Photo credit: Luis Villasmil, Unsplash

Video game developers often joke around saying that 90 per cent of a game comes together in the last ten percent of development time. Or, as programmers and developers call it, ‘crunch’ period, covering entire offices in empty pizza boxes and takeaway coffee cups for those few months of maximum effort.

Alas, when a game, like the ill-famed Cyberpunk 2077, gets delayed not one but three times, already pushing 9 year production time into new development-hell heights, mandating six-day work weeks for “more than a year“, the inside-joke turns out to be a living nightmare for some.

Listen to the podcast (above), then, to hear how Brett Douville, 51, a veteran game developer, who’s career spans four console generations, recalls his harrowing, first-hand experience with the aftermath of putting your personal well-being before work.