Tyler Simpson, 21, and Lewis Boddy, 16, were delighted to see their team in the Premier League for the first time in 23 years.

 It’s been 23 years and 90 agonising minutes since Nottingham Forest were in the Premier League, and as a sea of red shirts, scarfs and flags built up in Old Market Square, you could feel the excitement.  

Thousands of people young to old gathered to welcome the team home and celebrate their victory after a nail-biting final yesterday.  

Two near penalties to The Terriers, VAR controversies and an own goal to save the day – thank you Levi Colwill – stood between Forest and holding the cup up with pride.  

Tony Lucas, 53, has been a supporter of The Reds his whole life, some of his earliest memories are watching his team play with his dad.  

“It’s early days yet” – his dad had told him at the start at Championship. But Tony never gave up hope in his team. 

As he and his wife watched the team gather on the balcony of the Town Hall, tears sprung to the proud man’s eyes. It was the same elation he’d experienced the day before when the final whistle blew at Wembley.  

Crowds began to gather from 11am with fans desperate to get a spot close to the players who had brought football home.  

Vinny and Sweta Mistry have been Forest fans for years but hadn’t seen a game since 2015, after moving to Florida. By coincidence, the couple and their sons Zayne and Skye were back in the UK just in time to use Vinny’s season ticket to go to Wembley to see Joe Worral and the boys bring home the trophy. 

Tyler Simpson, 21, and Lewis Boddy, 16 were also front and centre ready to thank their glorious team for all their hard work. You can see how much this win meant to them as they hugged and held their scarfs in the air.  

The pair made their voices heard by leading many a chant. Choruses of ‘Go on you Reds’ to ‘Forest are magic on and off the pitch’ filled the air. 

It certainly seemed that way after the unlikely start to their journey up to Premier League.  

As Captain and Nottingham-born Joe Worral said to the adoring crowd – “Nottingham Forest are in the Premier League. Sounds great to say.”