The three keys to any Jubilee party. Credit: Becky Fantham via Unsplash, @thekitchencroxley, Lauren Ware-Smith

With the Platinum Jubilee mere days away, CBJMagazine is here to guide you through the essentials for any royal-themed event you might be attending.

A how-to on the perfect Jubilee bunting

Bunting is an essential for any Royal occasion. Slung over the fireplace, draped across the window or even along the TV stand so you can see it while watching the Jubilee take place.

Lauren Ware-Smith, 27, who runs SewLovelybyLauren, has been prepping for the Jubilee for weeks making reusable bunting for the big day.  

“I was tired of seeing cheap, plastic bunting that would end up in landfill. There’s so many lovely fabrics out there, I knew I could make a cuter reusable alternative” says Lauren.

Here is a how-to for both her beautiful triangle bunting and her ribbon garland. 

For the traditional triangle bunting:  

  1. Cut out 2 triangles in your favourite jubilee themed fabric
  2. Sew the triangles together placing the material so the pattern is on the inside and leaving a little gap to turn it the right way round
  3. Turn the triangle round and get the point nice and neat 
  4. Give it an iron to hold it all in place and trim any loose threads 
  5. Take some ribbon, line it up along your sewing machine so that you can fold half of the ribbon over the top to sandwich your triangles in-between 
  6.  Place your triangles at the desired distance apart, capturing them between your ribbon 

For the ribbon garland 

  1. Cut your desired ribbon choices to your desired length 
  2. Take the ribbon you want along the top and line it up along your sewing machine so you can fold the ribbon over the top 
  3. Place your ribbon lengths at the desired distance apart, capturing them in the top ribbon 
Best bakes for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

From the nation’s favourite mini Victoria sponges to traditional shortbread, no Jubilee celebrations should be shy of cakes and bakes. Here is how you can make sure you have the most patriotic cakes this weekend.

Linda Anderson, who runs The Kitchen Croxley, has shared her advice to home bakers on how they can make the perfect cakes for their celebrations.

“The cakes I recommend making are the classic English cakes. Think Victoria sponges, lemon drizzle, and you can’t go wrong with something chocolatey. Also shortbread is great to make too.”

If you really want to push the boat out, try out your own jubilee motifs and regal-themed icing too.

Linda added, “We are doing a selection of cupcakes, we have gone for lots of ones that are purple and regal themed as well as traditional red, white and blue theme.”

If you are a more advanced cake maker, Shirley Blows, owner of Essex Cakes Boutique, said, “The perfect jubilee cake would a red, white and blue Victoria sponge, covered in fresh strawberries dipped in red, white and blue chocolate and blueberries with the Royal flag on top.”

As the weather seems promising for the bank holiday, what is the best way to look after your bakes this weekend?

Linda said, “I would suggest to bakers to not use cream cheese frosting, but buttercream instead. Also, buttercream is the perfect choice to incorporate all the traditional patriotic colours into your cakes.”

She added, “It is best to keep your cakes cool for as long as possible and if you are using something like cream cheese or butter cream icing, chill them until the last possible moment – but a cool box would be great to ensure they stay fresh. Just put a few out on display and bring them out as the hoards descend and they are eaten up.”

How to make the perfect pitcher of Pimm’s

There are few things that feel so quintessentially British as a jug of Pimm’s, so what better way to celebrate the Jubilee this weekend. There are all sorts of variations on the classic concoction, but let’s stick to the basics here. If you do want to go a bit wild though, swap out the lemonade for some good quality ginger beer – giving it a nice fiery kick. 

What do you need? 

  • Well for starters, a jug would be a good start. You’ll find about four pints (2.2 litres) will suffice for most occasions. 
  • A bottle of Pimm’s No. 1 
  • Lemonade – a two litre bottle will be fine 
  • Fresh mint leaves 
  • An orange 
  • A box of strawberries 
  • Half a cucumber 
  • Ice 

What do you do? 

Firstly, chop up your orange, cucumber and strawberries into good size slices. Try not to make them too thin, otherwise they’ll go a bit floppy – and nobody wants that. Pick your mint leaves and just bruise them gently, this will release their aroma a bit more and make you look like you know what you’re doing. 

Load up your jug about two-thirds of the way up with ice, then drop in your sliced fruit.  

Add 50ml of Pimm’s for every 150ml of lemonade – one part Pimm’s to three parts lemonade is the suggested serve. 

Stir to combine.