The proposed consultation will begin on Friday. Credit: Siora Photography via Unsplash

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce on Friday a consultation asking the British people if they want to go back to the imperial system, abandoning the metric system.

Nottingham shop Tailors and Doughnotts are among the many stores which may be affected by the plan to revive imperial measurements.

Iraj Haydari, 44, a tailor at Tailors, said he did not feel as though this would affect him in his work personally.

He said: “90% of my customers work with the imperial measurement system, so it makes no difference to me. I’ve always worked with imperial rather than metric, and I prefer it because it’s just easier to me.”

Whereas Alexia Burrows Charalambidou, 23, who works at Nottingham based doughnut shop and bakery Doughtnotts said “Measuring using the metric system works well, on the whole.”

She added: “Our boss is very precise with the donuts though, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he is very finicky now that the measurements will change.”