The finished recipe. Credit: Linda Davies and Shobhangi Rudra

The one dish that has been grabbing the headlines in the lead up to the Platinum Jubilee is the winning Platinum Pudding – a trifle of lemon and amaretti.

Whipped up by Jemma Melvin, from Southport, the trifle was inspired by the lemon posset served at the Queen’s wedding with Prince Philip.

Selected as the official dessert for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee among hundreds of other lip smacking entries, the main criteria for the winning recipe was that the dish could be easily recreated by the general public.

But we all know how expensive the cost of ingredients can be as shoppers are already feeling the pinch. To prevent burning a hole in your pocket, we have listed a recipe to make the Platinum Pudding at half the price.

Jemma’s winning citrus pudding integrates a lemon curd swiss roll, St Clements’s jelly, amaretti biscuits, lemon custard, mandarins, whipped cream, candied peel and white chocolate.

Budget-friendly versions of the ingredients can be found at all supermarkets.

From primary schools to families celebrating the Jubilee, Twitter has been flooded with people sharing their versions of the platinum pudding. Linda Davis shared her cheat version of the Platinum Pudding on Twitter.

“It was relatively quick and easy,” Linda said about her practice run for the Platinum Pudding.

While the original recipe was made from scratch, we have mostly sourced readymade items as they are cheaper, easier to get your hands on and reduce your cooking time significantly.

The budget friendly Platinum Pudding’s recipe made by, for the people


  • Lemon curd Swiss Roll
  • Ready-made lemon jelly pots
  • Ready-made custard
  • Amaretti biscuits
  • Marmalade and mandarin segments
  • Whipped cream

Lemon Swiss Roll 

Lemon swiss roll for the base (Picture credit: Shobhangi Rudra)

While the original recipe made the Swiss roll from scratch, we went down the easier route and got ready-made lemon Swiss roll.

Available in different sizes and variations, the lemon Swiss roll will form the base of the trifle. We do not need to be very concerned about the size but the Swiss rolls should be able to fit in the soufflé dish or mixing bowl you are using.

Available at Tesco for £1.40.

Ready-made lemon/orange jelly pots

Orange jelly layer to replace lemon jelly if it is not available (Picture credit: Shobhangi Rudra)

Jemma’s recipe involves infusing the peels of lemon and oranges with hot water and sugar before being set with gelatine leaves. The cheaper and quicker version to this step of the trifle is using readymade jelly pots for the next layer.

Although you would not be able to get a very smooth layer, pouring jelly pots over the Swiss roll layer would work wonders as well.

Available at Tesco for £0.70 each.

Ready-made Custard

Ready-made custard layer for budget friendly pudding (Picture credit: Shobhangi Rudra)

The original lemon trifle used pastry cream for this layer. Pastry cream is custard thickened with cornflour. The budget friendly option is to grab ready-made custard for the third layer of the Platinum Pudding. Simply whip a good amount of custard over the jelly layer and there you have it. Vanilla custard would be the go-to option for its subtle yet delicious flavour.

Available at Tesco for £1.25.

Amaretti biscuits/ginger nut biscuits

Ginger nut cookies are the best alternative to the traditonally used Amaretti biscuits due to its slightly dry and crumbly texture (Picture credit: Shobhangi Rudra)

Jemma crowns her winning pudding piece with biscuits made from scratch. She used expensive ground almonds and even more expensive Amaretto liqueur. As promised, this is a budget-friendly version of the original pudding so we will just use ready-made Amaretti biscuits which are available at almost every supermarket. However, if you fail to source the specific biscuit, you can top the pudding with ginger nut biscuits.

Available at Tesco for £0.45 per packet.

Mandarin segments

Mandarin slices to add to the essence of the pud (Picture credit: Shobhangi Rudra)

This is one step we would advise you not to change because it truly is one of the ingredients that contribute to the essence of the pudding. Available at budget prices, pour in some drained mandarin segments over. It won’t look exactly like the original pudding but it would taste as delicious as Jemma’s pudding.

Available at Tesco for £1.90.

Whipped Cream 

Whipped cream to top the pudding fit for a Queen (Picture credit: Shobhangi Rudra)

No trifle is complete without a soft layer of whipped cream on top. Essentially, the jewel of the crown, whipped cream completes the dish. Have the cream nicely whipped into a soft layer with some icing sugar on top.

Available at Tesco for £2.

White Chocolate

Complete the crown with White Chocolate from Tesco (Credit: Tesco)

Complete the crown of the pudding fit for a Queen with shards of white chocolate placed around the rim of the trifle.

Available at Tesco for £1.