The Platinum Jubilee comes with a bank holiday weekend, meaning the CBJMagazine team has the chance to take a break and enjoy the festivities. Here’s how some of them are spending their weekend…

Emma Richardson

Credit: Emma Richardson

I’m personally not one to celebrate royal events, but if there’s an excuse to go to the pub I’ll take it. Since it’s the bank holiday, there should be a fun, upbeat atmosphere which will give me the boost of serotonin I need. I know a lot of people back home are celebrating the event with street parties, there are a fair few happening where I grew up. My aunt is going to one and is dressing up as the Queen – she gave us all a preview of her costume and let’s just say I thought Queen Elizabeth II visited the North East for the day.  

Christina Geggus

Credit: Christina Geggus

This bank holiday I’ll be heading home to sunny Southend for a wholesome weekend with my loved ones. I’m planning to go on lovely walk along the seafront and praying the weather stays dry. We may even stop by one of the local pubs in Leigh-on-Sea, which you should visit if you ever get the chance to go to. It’s a seaside village full of pubs and cafes that I’m sure will be full this bank holiday. I will be seeing one of my friends for her birthday night out but plan to watch the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations on the TV when I’m at home.

Lily Smith

Credit: Lily Smith

The Jubilee weekend comes at a perfect time to relax after Newsweek. I’m probably going to sit in the garden and read my book (as long as the weather holds) and maybe pop to the pub with my friends. I reckon a Pimm’s or two is the perfect way to celebrate Lizzy’s time on the throne. Even though I’m not going to be that involved in any Jubilee celebrations, I’m excited to see the Queen and what outfit she wears on TV.  

Ellie Hutchings

Credit: Ellie Hutchings

While I’m not one for celebrating royal occasions, it is a happy coincidence that the bank holiday weekend coincides with one of my closest friend’s birthday. Triple Cooked, a touring party company, are taking advantage of the (hopefully) sunny weather by hosting a ‘garden party’ in the pub garden of Nottingham’s Waterfront, so myself and a handful of friends from my undergraduate days will be in attendance. We all enjoyed Triple Cooked events during our time at Cardiff University, so I’m excited to be back at one of their parties with close friends – some of whom I haven’t seen in almost a year. 

Aside from enjoying a few drinks in a pub garden, we plan to take advantage of the four days off with a picnic in Wollaton Park and brunch at Toast, one of my favourite cafes in Nottingham. An itinerary truly fit for a queen. 

Jack Francis

Credit: Jack Francis

I’ll be helping to run an event in Car Colston, a small village east of Nottingham, celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. My original plans of heading to the pub and shaking a Union Jack flag were scrapped when my Dad roped me in to run the bar for the event – without telling me about the 400 tickets already sold. So while you’re all enjoying your street parties and unwinding, spare a thought for my inevitably exhausting day.