Bryan and Peggy received the picture of the Queen from Elizabeth herself. Credit: Christina Geggus

During the Queen’s 70-year reign, we’ve enjoyed plenty of royal celebrations – from jubilees to birthdays and even a royal wedding or two.  

But one event that is now only remembered by the older generations among us is the Queen’s Coronation on June 2 1953.   

Watch the video below to see residents at Leawood Manor Care Home in West Bridgford, Nottingham reminiscing about their memories of the day, from making bunting to watching it on TV with other people in their village. 

Among the residents, Peggy Locker, 83, from Burton upon Trent, shares her memories of the Queen’s visit to her hometown. 

She says: “I remember us all getting together as family and friends and we went on the local bus and we followed the Queen on her journey.”


 Additional reporting by Christina Geggus. Video editing by Ellie Hutchings.