Incredible Edible Beeston CBJ Magazine
Incredible Edible Beeston want to inspire climate action on a local level. Credit: Christina Geggus

A community gardening hub founded in 2019 is expanding and now has four vibrant sites operating across Beeston.

Incredible Edible works with local communities to create kind, confident and connected communities through the power of food.

It is hoped that the productive gardening hubs filled with an abundance of fruit and vegetables will inspire climate action on a local level.

Founding member Heather Brunt, 35, is one of the driving forces behind Incredible Edible and believes the movement is something that all local areas can implement.

“This at least gets the conversation going about what if we did grow fruit and veg in our public spaces and we did have access to it and did it together,” says Heather.

Local student Alex Batchelor, 27, is a volunteer who enjoys being part of the group.

He says: “Everyone has been so welcoming and I feel like I have made some friends here, which is nice”.

Incredible Edible hope to inspire surrounding areas in Nottingham now that they have shown how community growing could be the vital seed to helping the climate crisis at a lower level.

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