Office workers
Around 2900 workers across a range of industries took part in the trial. Credit: Alex Kotliarskyi

Members of the public in Nottingham have given a mixed response to the four-day work week.

The trial conducted by Autonomy saw 61 companies across the UK join the pilot study trialling a four-day week.

Employees’ 40-hour week was cut down to 32-hours with pay maintained at 100%.

Sam Hamling, manager at Ice Nine in Nottingham said: “The four-day work week is a lovely idea for businesses that can manage, unfortunately we can’t.”

The trial found that 71% of employees felt less burnout when working a four-day week, 39% were less stressed and staff productivity increased.

The trial ran from June to December 2022 and received global coverage. The 4 Day Week Campaign is encouraging more companies to sign up.

With 89% of workers preferring to work a four-day week, there are concerns about its practicality across different industries.

Watch the video below to see what the people of Nottingham thought.