Bowl of colourful Korean food taken at Grounded Kitchen
From Seoul to your soul. Credit: Maria Bouazzouz

Grounded Kitchen might be responsible for single-handedly igniting my love affair with the Buddha bowl.

A favourite among foodies in the Midlands with restaurants in Market Harborough, Leicester and Birmingham, Korean-inspired eatery Grounded Kitchen has reopened its doors after refurbishment to the residents of Nottingham.

Bursting with colourful, nutrient-filled ingredients, Grounded Kitchen’s latest branch in West Bridgford is a stylish, zero-waste affair, offering their signature Korean-style poke bowls alongside smoothies and lattes (plus a few more goodies) the group is known for.

Going by the ethos of ‘love life eat’, Grounded Kitchen’s menu brims with Korean gems, offering a variety of colourful and nutritional dishes that combine fresh ingredients with Korea’s vibrant and exciting flavours. Examples include their signature nourish bowls, Korean baos, Bibimbap, Kimbaps, noodle bowls, Acai bowls and smoothie quenchers made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. 

Packed with tasty veggies, wholesome fats, and quality proteins to make a filling meal, each bowl is served on a bed of rice or noodles, meat or vegetarian/vegan protein and finished with classic Korean marinades.

If you’re indecisive by nature or fear missing out on a good flavour, you can mix and match the nourish bowl to your heart’s content, choosing your own protein (chicken, beef, prawns, tofu, tempeh, sweet potato or chickpeas), base (rice, noodles or veggies), toppings, and sauces (Bulgogi, Gochujang or Fire).

Working my way through their extensive menu, I opted for the highly Instagrammable Gochujang Noodle bowl topped with pickled mooli, mixed pepper, crispy onion, cashew nut, spring onion, coriander and sesame seeds. From the pick-and-mix choice of proteins, I’d gone for prawns, each of which was laminated in the delicious Gochujang sauce (a red chilli paste that also contains glutinous rice, fermented soybeans and salt).

Cooked to perfection, the udon noodles were warm, sweet and spicy. The ingredients tasted fresh and authentic, and the portions were generous. Every bite offered a great variety of textures and felt like a new burst of flavour and spices in my mouth.

Bowl of colourful Korean food taken at Grounded Kitchen and drinks
Grounded Kitchen’s menu offers a variety of colourful dishes brimming with Korea’s vibrant and exciting flavours. Credit: Izzah Kazi

I capped off my meal by sipping on their refreshing Skin Elixir quencher. The sweetness from the mango and pear blended well together, creating a smooth, rejuvenating and nutritious beverage that I would describe accurately as an acai bowl in a cup. The perfect summer beverage.

Maria Bouazzouz, Grounded Kitchen’s social media marketing manager, said: “Our recipes and sauces are all inspired by Korean cuisine. All our fresh produce, including our meat, fruit and vegetables, are locally sourced. Everything comes in daily, and we also prepare all our dishes in-house. None of our food is fried as we are very health-focused. We don’t use any unhealthy products as we pride ourselves on ensuring our food is healthy, nutritious, tasty and fresh”.

At Grounded, not only did the food taste good, but eating it felt good because I knew it was healthy. Plus, the best part is that it offers something for everyone with Halal and vegan options (and a cheeky student discount) that suit your wallet, taste buds – and dietary needs. I guess I can like healthy food, especially when it tastes as good as this. You don’t have to have a burger, to have a good time! 

To see more from Grounded Kitchen, visit their website or check out their Instagram, @getgroundeduk.