Prince Harry during his army training
After qualifying as an Apache helicopter pilot in 2013, Harry won an award for best co-pilot. Credits: Flickr

Prince Harry is back at the High Court in London today, giving more evidence in his privacy case against Mirror Group Newspapers.

The Prince, who now lives in California with his family, is the first royal in 132 years to appear in court.

He has been constantly in the media spotlight for most of his life and particularly in the past few years since his marriage to Meghan Markle. The publication of his memoir, Spare, earlier this year revealed his deep pain at what he sees as a dysfunctional royal family and the struggles of being royal, including his mental health challenges.

Still, there are a few things people may not know about this once much-loved prince, both trivial and more serious.

His name isn’t Harry

Prince Harry’s name isn’t actually Harry, it’s Henry Charles Albert David. So if he were to become King, he would become King Henry IX, the next Henry to become King after King Henry VIII.

He had a pet rabbit

Like most people, Prince Harry also had a rabbit as a child. Growing up at Highgrove House, Prince Harry had a lovely long-earned bunny when he was two years old. He was closely supervised by his parents, but even at an early age he showed love for animals.

He won an award for his flying skills

When the Prince qualified as an Apache helicopter pilot in 2013, he also won an award as the best co-pilot gunner. He received a stand mounted with a 30mm round from an Apache canon.

He loves the TV show Friends

Many people love the TV show Friends, the comedy series that started in 1994 starring Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, and Matt LeBlanc. But it turns out, Prince Harry is also a super-fan of the show, and in his biography Spare, he revealed he identifies most as a Chandler.

He is obsessed with the musical Hamilton

Hamilton is a hugely popular musical performed by King George III about the American Revolution. In 2018, the Prince went up on stage after a performance at the West End and sung a note of the popular song “You’ll Be Back“.

He hates Twitter

In 2014, at a conference with digital media personalities at a school in East London, Prince Harry revealed that he hated the social media platform Twitter, saying that while he would love to use to tweet about the Invictus Games, he “really quite hates Twitter because of the invasion of privacy.”

He had a pony called Smokey

Not only did Prince Harry have a pet rabbit as a child, but he also had a black pony called Smokey!

His portrait in the National Gallery won’t be there when it reopens.

Given the family feud and no sign of reconciliation between the brothers, the portrait of Prince William and Prince Harry will no longer be on display in the National Portrait Gallery.