Prince Harry launching the 2020 delivering a speech at the 2020 Invictus Games.
Prince Harry founded the Invictus Games in 2014 and is in London this week for the 10 year anniversary. Image credit: Ministerie van Defensie via Wikipedia Commons.

Prince Harry arrived in London earlier this week for the ten year anniversary of the Invictus Games, but he will not be seeing his family during the visit due to clashes with the King’s busy schedule.

This has sparked public debate of whether the Duke of Sussex should be making time to spend with the Royals.  

The Prince’s last visit to the UK was in February, following his father’s cancer diagnosis and Harry and Meghan have scarcely been back in England since their Netflix documentary in 2022, where they opened up about their family relationships. 

We asked the people of Nottingham for their thoughts of whether Prince Harry should make time to visit family and whether its time for the Royals to reconcile. 

Lucy, 17

“He should make time for his family but he’s not a part of the Royal Family anymore so they probably wouldn’t want to see him anyway since he revoked his title.”


Tony, 84, and Derek, 83
Tony said, “I think they definitely should have made the time to see each other because they are family. Especially with the King’s illness family fallouts can wait.”
Derek said, “But at the end of the day, they’re just a normal family and every normal family has fallouts and whether they reconcile or not is none of our business.”
Josh, 32
“Personally, I’m not interested in the Royal family but [Harry’s] a hero who’s fought for his country and he’s coming over to the UK to celebrate that. He has the right to do what he wants while he visits. And if he doesn’t want to see his family then he doesn’t have to.”
Elaine, 46
“We don’t know the full personal story behind it all, but my instant reaction would be what a shame that he’s coming all this way, and he lives so far away and he’s not going to see his family. If that were me, I would be so excited to see my family.”