Image of podcast hosts Lydia, Cara and Emelia in the podcast studio.
Ready to romance: hosts Lydia Arundel, Cara Wheeldon and Emelia Turner. Credit: Ella Craig

Ever wondered how the greatest love stories on film hold up in 2024?

The new six-episode podcast I’ll watch what she’s watching reviews the best and worst romantic moments from the past six decades, from Dirty Dancing to 10 Things I Hate About You to La La Land. 

Episode one takes us back to the 70s with Grease and hosts Cara, Lydia and Emelia share their hilarious takes on the movie as well as reading others’ reviews from Letterboxd and IMDb to decide whether the films are romantic, cringey *cough Grease* or a classic.

Join them as they deep dive into 60 years of cinema by clicking the link below or listen on Spotify.