image of NTU faith volunteers
NTU Faith offers a space for all people of religions and beliefs to come together. Credit: Cara Wheeldon

Nottingham Trent University held a ‘places of worship’ walk for its NTU Faith ambassadors on May 17.

Starting at the university’s multi-faith space – The Haven – before heading to the Friends Meeting House, St Barnabas Cathedral and the Islamic Centre, the walk allowed volunteers to relax between deadlines while also learning about different religions.

Clive Foster, multi-faith manager at NTU Faith, said: “It was fascinating to hear from faith leaders and scholars as to why these buildings meant so much to their respective communities.

“This was an opportunity of learning and appreciation of the depth and devotion of faith just a few minutes away from our city campus.

“The walk to these places of worship offered a moment to engage in a sense of ‘awe’ from what would have been another ordinary day.”

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Watch the video below to see how the day went.