This photo shows an image of a home made sausage roll, the photo has a jar of jam behind the image to go with the roll, and showcases goldren pastry cut into small pieces.
Sausage Roll Day is a celebrated yearly event. But have no fear, my vegetarian and vegan friends, because we're saving the day with the top picks for plant-based sausage rolls in Nottingham. Image credit: Sandie Clarke via Unsplash.

Today (June 5) is Sausage Roll Day! Giving you the chance to appreciate, eat and relish these puff pastry delicacies more than you already do.

Join us as we celebrate sausage roll day in Nottingham with a twist because this year, we’re going plant-based.

From whimsical designs to fun flavours, these five vegan sausage rolls are sure to delight your taste buds and bring a smile to your face.

Check out our top Notts picks and where to find them:

5) Elena’s Patisserie
This photo shows a vegetarian sausage roll, the roll is golden and flaky and covered in sesame seeds on a white papered background
Elena’s Patisserie is at 20 Chapel Bar, Nottingham NG1 6JQ, and offers a range of plant-based options. Image credit, Cara Wheeldon.

Coming in at fifth place on our list of must-try plant-based rolls in Nottingham today, we have Elena’s Patisserie.

This quaint café tucked away in Chapel Bar near the city centre takes your classic sausage roll and adds a playful twist.

Priced at £4.25, Elena’s offers you the chance to try their Greek Cypriot take on a sausage roll.

Showcasing flaky puff pastry, liberally sprinkled with sesame seeds, encasing a sweet filling of olives, potato, fresh peppers, mixed herbs and spices.

For all of our olive-loving vegetarians out there who want to splurge on a delightful Greek twist on a fan classic, Elena’s is sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

4) 200 Degrees Coffee
This is a photo of a vegan sausage roll taken from 200 degrees coffee, the image is facing towards the camera so you can see the front of the sausage roll. There is also a napkin and a fork next to the roll.
200 Degrees Coffee near the city centre is located at 16 Flying Horse Walk, Nottingham NG1 2HN, with a handful of others scattered around the city. Image credit, Cara Wheeldon.

Scraping fourth place by the skin of its pastry today is 200 Degrees coffee.

Home to five locations in Nottingham, the closest to the city centre is the Flying Horse Walk along the tram tracks.

Costing £4.60 per roll, 200 Degrees offers a high-end option to indulge your appetite in style.

Made with a plant-based sausage mix and wrapped in their golden, seasoned flaky pastry, this roll is perfect for vegans and non-vegans alike.

200 Degrees Coffee is a prime example of how delicious vegan food can be, showing that vegan options really are just as indulgent as their meat-filled counterparts.

3) Blend
This photo is another front on angle of a sausge roll, so that you can see the golden pastry and the deep filling. This sausage roll is sat on a brown paper bag.
Blend can be found at Unit 30, Avenue C, in Sneinton Market, Nottingham NG1 1DW, tucked away in a visually stunning creative quarter of independent shops. Image credit, Cara Wheeldon.

A sneaky addition to the list comes in the form of Blend, the creative coffee shop located in the rejuvenated Sneinton Market, just a short ten-minute walk from Market Square.

Blend is an underrated, visually stunning café offering a range of fresh pastries, homemade cakes and brunch options. But sitting behind the counter, at a reasonable £3.30 per roll, Blend’s gourmet take on the classic sausage roll steals the show.

Made with locally sourced ingredients, delicious soy and seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, this roll, encased in a flaky, buttery pastry, offers an elevated take on one of the nations favourites.

Blend’s soy-based vegan sausage roll has earned itself third place on this list for its affordable price, savoury, buttery flavour as well as earning extra points for the sophisticated and artistic vibe of the café and its location.

2) Greggs
This photo shows a vegan sausage roll found at Greggs, the sausage roll is kind of pale, and shot from a front perspective with the Greggs logo behind the image.
Greggs has seven store locations in the centre of Nottingham, the closest to the the city centre being found at Market Square, 3 Beastmarket Hill, Nottingham NG1 6FB. Image credit, Cara Wheeldon.

Second on our list should come as no surprise to anyone. Greggs is a beloved UK staple and fan favourite for sausage-roll lovers up and down the country.

With seven stores located in the city centre alone, the 2019 introduction of their vegan take on a traditional sausage roll has been a game changer.

As if that couldn’t get better, a Greggs vegan sausage roll will only set you back a measly £1.20. Who doesn’t love a bargain?

These popular and quite frankly, delicious rolls are made with a seasoned quorn filling wrapped in a light, crispy puff pastry so tasty that even some meat eaters are swapping over to the vegan alternative.

Although they do not present the same high-end visual appeal as the other members of this list, Greggs most definitely makes up for this with taste.

The steal of a price, glorious eating experience and fast service make this roll a reliable choice for commemorating sausage roll day.

1) Bonington Café
This is a photograph front on of a sausage roll from Bonington Cafe, the saussage roll is golden and flakey and is taken on a white background with a napkin underneath.
Bonington Café is open on every weekday, and can be found at Nottingham Trent University, Dryden St, Nottingham NG1 4GG, just a five minute walk from Market Square. Image credit, Cara Wheeldon.

Are you surprised that Greggs didn’t make the top of the list? We sure are!

Bonington Café, located in the city campus of Nottingham Trent University, has well and truly earned first place for Sausage Roll Day this year.

The city campus café, which serves a multitude of hot and cold drinks, fresh pastries and more, has solidified its leading position for alternative sausage rolls with its spicy Mexican roll.

To make it better, this meat-free option comes in just short of Greggs, at £1.45 per roll, or a measly £1 on Thursdays!

Making the spicy Mexican roll not only a delicious option every day, but a budget-friendly one as well.

This roll is made from a fabulous mix of kidney beans, peppers, tomatoes and butternut squash with a Mexican blend of spices wrapped in a golden puff pastry.

Whilst this alternative packs a spicy kick, it’s undoubtable that the flavour, not only satisfies the taste buds, but leaves you wanting more.

Affordable and tasty, this roll is a hit among students and staff alike, providing great value without compromising on flavour.

So, no matter which roll you choose today, Nottingham’s plant-based sausage rolls are sure to make this day a special occasion.

Try them all and discover your favourite alternative pastry in this vibrant city. Happy Sausage Roll Day!