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I'll watch what she's watching is a brand new podcast series by CBJ magazine, created by students on the magazine journalism MA. (Credit: Lydia Arundel)

I’ll watch what she’s watching have released the second episode of their mini-series looking back at the past six decades of romance in cinema.

The podcast honestly reviews one of the most popular films for the genre for each decade, allowing the hosts and the audience to see how these so called ‘classics’ hold-up against modern takes on romance.

Episode two, titled: Putting Baby in the Corner, takes us back to the 1980s with Dirty Dancing

Hosts Cara Wheeldon, Emelia Turner and Lydia Arundel debate the plot, rate the romance and discuss the controversial age gap between Baby and Johnny.

To find out exactly what they had to say about Dirty Dancing, I’ll watch what she’s watching is available on Spotify, Amazon music and Apple Podcasts, or listen using the link here.

And click here to hear the first episode which takes us back to the 1970s and Grease.