Vox pop on Nigel Farage
A picture of Nigel Farage prompted young people in Nottingham to share interesting thoughts about him. (Credit: Afreen Khan)

In a surprise move ahead of the General Election on July 4, Nigel Farage has announced that he will stand in the Clacton constituency as the candidate for Reform UK party and take over leadership of the party.

At the official launch of his campaign in the Essex town on Tuesday (June 5), he attracted a huge crowd – but was also ‘milkshaked’ by Victoria Thomas-Bowen, 25.

Earlier, Farage had ruled himself out of the election but changed his mind, citing a “terrible sense of guilt” for not putting himself forward. He vowed to lead a “political revolt” against the Tories.

Farage, 60, is known for his prominent role in the Brexit campaign and his previous leadership of the UKIP party.

Farage seems popular with certain sections of the public – but what about younger people?

Afreen Khan and Narmada Ananda Kumar took to the streets of Nottingham for a vox pop  with a photo of the man to ask young folk whether they know who he is and what they think about him.